Infrastructure Investments Support Expanded Hybrid Can Capability

Michelle MachenMauser News, Small Packaging

Mauser Packaging Solutions is growing its hybrid can production capabilities through investments in several Small Packaging Metals facilities. Hybrid cans provide a cost-effective alternative for customers looking to offset the rising cost of tin plate and proactive investment in hybrid capacity positions Mauser Packaging to meet potential changes in market demands.

To facilitate the increased production of hybrid cans, the Small Packaging business unit is investing in the relocation, repair and addition of several Injection Molding Machines in Metals facilities.

The first phase of machine relocations and rebuilds began at the Chicago Metals facility in September with the transfer of an injection mold machine from Newnan, Georgia. A rebuild of a damaged machine in Chicago is anticipated to begin in April 2022. To support the additional lines, the Chicago Metals facility will undergo additional infrastructure upgrades including the installation of a new, larger air compressor, dryer and the upgrade of electrical services.
Hybrid Can Special Features:
  • Cans are constructed of polypropylene bodies with metal rings and plugs.
  • Plastic bodies are resistant to rust and dents.
  • Hybrid containers are designed to be interchangeable with metal paint cans.
  • Gallon cans have ears for bail handles.
  • Full lithography is available on plugs.
  • Hybrid paint cans are made from 90-percent post-industrial recycled resin.

Two new Krauss Maffei 750 injection molding machines are being added into Garland, Texas. Since injection molding is a new technology for the Garland plant, additional infrastructure including a new hybrid mold line, resin holding bin, new material feed system, 10-ton service crane, chilled water system for each injection molding machine, grinding reprocessing system for recycling plastic scrap and a fully automated assembly, test and robotic palletizing cell are required to support the new technology.

Finally, another transfer of an injection mold machine from the Plastics Division is planned for installation in York, Pennsylvania. When installed, the machine will require the opening of a wall area for addition floor space, crane expansion and new water-cooling tower. The area around the injection molding machines will be walled off so the area can be climate controlled which will reduce scrap. It is anticipated that the facility will experience a positive trend in production following the upgrade of the existing descrambler, pocket tester and downstream automation.

In addition to the infrastructure investments being made in these facilities, operations teams are committed to hiring, training, and retaining the personnel needed to operate and maintain the new machines and lines.

These investments reflect a forward-looking approach to making investments that positions our company to meet anticipated changed in current customer demands and pursue new sales opportunities. Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the changing customer needs in an ever changing market.