Overcoming the Challenging Business Environment by Investing in Our People

Michelle MachenBillion Dollar Plan, Mauser News

At Mauser Packaging Solutions we are investing approximately $1 billion USD over the next four years to accelerate our vision to deliver innovative solutions to our customers, drive sustainable operations, reduce our impact on the environment, and empower our employees to grow. The following article demonstrates investments being made in our team.

Customer demand for our product is greater than it has ever been, and we are investing heavily in new lines to meet our customer’s requirements. However, we face challenges that combine to create instability and inefficiencies in our facilities – vendors not shipping needed raw materials, difficulty hiring and retaining employees due to the tight labor market, internal administrative issues, and industrial inflation forcing us to raise prices for our customers.

The demand issues and tight labor market are being felt across the economy and are not unique to Mauser Packaging Solutions or our industry. The business environment we are working in is not going away but one of our highest priorities is to attract, on board, train and retain employees who will help us be successful in this new environment.

We are committed to creating a culture at Mauser Packaging Solutions that reinforces our values and the values of our people. We have implemented a variety of initiatives this year to improve our work environment and will continue to invest in these and similar activities to make Mauser Packaging Solutions an attractive workplace.

  • Changing U.S. vacation policy to reflect market conditions
  • Improving medical benefits
  • Changing safety training, specifically for new employees, to emphasize the importance of safety every day
  • Creating new incentive programs to provide positive recognition of good actions and activities
  • Making investments in our facilities to improve working conditions
  • Driving our EIP and SIP programs to create a culture of collaboration
We acknowledge that we have asked employees to work extra hours to off-set labor issues and combat our turnover struggles. We appreciate the extra effort and dedication demonstrated by our employees and remain committed to making the necessary changes and improvements to best serve our customers and employees.