EIP/SIP: Our Foundation for Optimizing Efficiency and Growth

Michelle MachenMauser News

Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Earning Improvement Program (EIP) and Sales Improvement Program (SIP) are the foundation for optimizing efficiency and positioning the company for growth. EIP and SIP are partner programs that leverage the expertise of employees to improve products and facilities to ensure Mauser Packaging Solutions continues to provide best in class packaging solutions.

EIP and SIP allow our team members to express creativity and original thinking to generate cost savings while fostering personal ownership in company success by implementing projects that employees consider important. All ideas are embraced and considered based on feasibility and potential financial impact.

EIP and SIP projects fall into four primary categories: safety, process, resources and waste.


Safety projects focus on ways to increase productivity without sacrificing safety or quality. Nothing is ever more important than the safety of employees and safety should always be a critical factor in all decisions.


Process projects focus on ways we can change processes to lower overhead cost of production or increase productivity. These projects cover everything from internal administrative processes to the flow of production lines in facilities to the transportation methods for materials and products.


Resources projects focus on ways we can improve physical and manpower resources as well as improve our sustainability with energy reduction and savings. With the current strains on supply chains and the labor market, it is important to maximize the potential of available resources.


Waste projects focus on ways wasted resources can be applied to help the business grow. Successful projects will ensure excess time, money and material are leveraged for growth while ensuring we are good stewards of energy resources.

Launching with a phased implementation in 2Q 2021, more than 900 EIP/SIP projects have been submitted for approval as of the end of September. Of the approved projects, almost 400 are in progress with approximately 100 already completed. All the projects are helping improve the workplace for employees as well as generate cost savings or additional revenue for the company. While some projects have an easy solution that provide a quick success, other more complex projects, require longer more complex implementation time and coordination among multiple facilities and functional groups. Each idea and project represents the power of having 11,000 people thinking about cost savings.


All employees are encouraged to use their facility or functional unit process to submit EIP or SIP ideas and to actively support projects that implement these ideas. For questions regarding EIP or SIP, contact your facility or functional group leader or Joe Cummons, SVP – Mauser Operating System.

EIP and SIP should be a state of mind that is present in everything that we do. Our employees, and the communities in which we operate, benefit from successful projects that make our jobs more efficient, communities more prosperous, improve our products, and reduce our costs.