Investing in Maintenance Employees is Investing in our Bottom Line

Michelle MachenMauser News, Industrial Solutions, Small Packaging

Skilled maintenance personnel are a crucial component to maintaining advanced manufacturing operations. To invest in the development of our maintenance employees and to cultivate a connection to our company, Mauser Packaging Solutions has piloted a Maintenance Skills Training Program in four North American facilities.

Implementation of the Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Maintenance Skills Training Pilot Program began with a Ramsay assessment, conducted between February and May 2020, at all Small Packaging Metals facilities to identify existing skill gaps of maintenance employees. Following the assessment, maintenance employees in Addison, Ill., Chicago (Metals), Ill., Homerville, Ga. and Memphis, Tenn., participated in training through Amatrol, an online portal specifically for industrial workforce training. Amatrol provides training in a variety of industrial skill areas and assignments were customized to meet specific facility and individual needs.

The Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Maintenance Skills Training Pilot Program topics included hydraulics and fluid power, pneumatics, facility electrical, manufacturing electrical, PLCs, automation, and manufacturing systems troubleshooting. The Amatrol portal provided flexibility for facilities to implement a training structure that worked best for each location. For example, in Addison, maintenance employees were provided one hour per week to complete their assigned training course for the week. Every two weeks, the maintenance team met to review the completed lessons and conduct additional training for application specific to Mauser Packaging Solutions. Re-assessment after six months of training showed skill improvement for all participating pilot employees.

By providing customizable training for employees, Mauser Packaging Solutions is equipping employees with the skills needed to be successful in their current position and pursue career advancement opportunities within the company.

“Our organization’s success depends on our people,” says Bruno Couteille EVP Human Resources, “Investing in our employees is a strategy to improve everyone’s future.”

The Maintenance Skills Training is available to all North American facilities. For more information, facility leaders can contact Jason Wasikowski, Technical Training Manager.