Third Tube Line Launches in Erkelenz, Germany

Michelle MachenMauser News, International Packaging

After more than a year of construction, installation and testing, Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Tube Center in Erkelenz, Germany began operation of a third tube line in August. This new line expands production from two to three lines enabling the company to meet both internal and external customer demands producing in excess of 60,000 tons of steel annually.

By producing more tubes within our network, we ensure the highest quality components are available for our IBCs and can better control the cost and availability of components. Most of the tubes produced from the new line will be provided to Mauser Packaging Solutions facilities in the Unites States. “This is an important vertical integration investment supporting our global IBC business and an investment that will open doors for future expansion,” commented Michael Steubing, President of International Packaging.

Since opening in 2009, the Erkelenz Tube Center has produced the metal tubing used to create IBC cages. The manufacturing process in Erkelenz begins by using a slitter to cut steel coils. The slit coils are then welded into a round tube. Completed tube is shipped to IBC manufacturing facilities where it is welded into the IBC cage. Tubes manufactured in Erkelenz are used by Mauser Packaging Solutions facilities in Brazil, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States.