Intern Insights: Takeaways from our 2021 Summer Interns

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Employee Profiles

Interns play a vital role in what we do here at Mauser Packaging Solutions. As the summer months progress, our interns dive deep into manufacturing bringing their knowledge, personality, and passion to the company. Before our interns leave Mauser Packaging Solutions, we ask them to tell us about their experiences so that we can build on successes and improve upon weaknesses.


As an environmental engineering intern at the Woodbridge, NJ facility, I focused on environmental based initiatives including a project to document the waste stream from steel drum manufacturing in a waste stream map and develop a waste generation reduction plan. This plan was named “Project RENEW: Reduction and Elimination of Nonessential Waste” and provides guidelines for waste elimination specific to the Woodbridge facility.

I also spent a substantial amount of time working on updating the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for the facility. Through this, I had the opportunity to work with professional environmental consultants and a member of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection agency. I was also able to apply and improve my CAD skills by creating an updated facility sitemap and floorplans for parts of the plant such as the silkscreen area and the new paint storage area.

Working as an environmental engineering intern challenged me to figure out how to create a more sustainable work environment through improvements such as such as making use of the roof space by installing solar panels or implementing a recycling program for materials other than steel.

Outside of the environmental aspect of my internship, I assisted the office by creating monthly binder sets for production reports and inspection reports which I updated on a weekly basis. I also participated in other projects, audits and events, such as Safety Day.

Mauser Packaging Solutions is undeniably a busy place. From the plant to the office, there are a lot of different activities occurring at once. Even as an intern, it was easy to recognize how many different projects people here work on at the same time. Despite everyone’s busyness, I felt welcomed and was willingly provided with the information, resources and tools I needed to complete my best work. I was easily able to connect with colleagues from other facilities and other countries that contributed information needed to complete my projects. Even though this is a global company, the atmosphere felt connected.

My experience interning this summer gave me a firsthand perspective into the work life of an engineer outside of academics. I am appreciative to my supervisors and coworkers who motivated me by noticing and commending my work—even when they didn’t have to.