Intern Insights: Takeaways from our 2021 Summer Interns

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Employee Profiles

Interns play a vital role in what we do here at Mauser Packaging Solutions. As the summer months progress, our interns dive deep into manufacturing bringing their knowledge, personality, and passion to the company. Before our interns leave Mauser Packaging Solutions, we ask them to tell us about their experiences so that we can build on successes and improve upon weaknesses.


My Mechanical Engineering internship at The Woodlands, Texas Industrial Packaging facility gave me the opportunity to work in a dynamic and innovative environment. At the facility, there is constant maintenance on machines and work areas to ensure safety and maximize productivity. I enjoyed learning how all the machines work and being able to watch the mechanics and engineers work on the various hydraulic, pressure and electrical components.

My main responsibility during my internship was applying Six Sigma to the maintenance shop. This included sorting and cleaning of the maintenance area, organizing parts and instruments used for manufacturing machine maintenance, and cataloging parts and instruments to increase maintenance efficiency. This process provided me with exposure to a large variety of different parts and tools and allowed me to learn about each item as I built an inventory catalogue. While initial organization, cleaning and inventory are important parts of Six Sigma, continued commitment and accountability to return items where they belong and maintain an accurate catalogue of inventory is needed to increase the efficiency of maintenance personnel.

My internship was an enjoyable experience and provided me the opportunity to learn in a real-world situation while contributing to the maintenance team at The Woodlands. I admire the work ethic of the team at The Woodlands and the innovative and progressive culture at the facility.