Optimizing Transportation and Logistics

Michelle MachenMauser News

The Mauser Packaging Solutions transportation fleet is a key piece of our commitment to providing full life cycle packaging solutions to our customers. In addition to delivering products to our customers and moving raw materials and components within the network, our collection program is an essential part of responsibly extending the life cycle of packaging. Through the industry’s largest global collection and reconditioning network, we help responsibly extend the life cycle of industrial packaging by enabling customers to divert waste from landfills, reduce their carbon footprint, and support the circular economy. But none of this is possible without the means of transportation.

Our transportation fleet consists of approximately 180 tractors, 180 drivers and 8,000 trailers. This fleet allows us to maintain better control over transport schedules and costs. Proper management and operation of both our physical assets and employees is necessary to obtain the full potential benefits. Implementing centralized fleet management is an important step for successfully addressing fleet optimization. Recent organizational changes announced in May facilitate an increased focus on implementing strategic strategy to meet the needs of the Company and our customers.

Our transportation team is focused on driving strategic improvement in three areas in 2021:

  1. Improving management of transportation assets and operations
    Management of physical assets include establishing the right blend of assets, optimizing loads and routes, implementing structure and consistency around the acquisition of new trailers and improving compliance with Transportation Management Systems (TMS). Current management at the local level focuses on the needs of individual facilities and does not best optimize the operational time of drivers and trailers. Our centralized fleet management will enable logistics decisions to be made with the needs of all facilities and customers in mind.
The Mauser Packaging Solutions transportation fleet performs 5 key functions in the packaging life cycle:
  1. Delivery of new products to customers
    Use of our transportation fleet to deliver products to our customers is typically more cost effective than contracting with common carriers.
  2. Return of used containers to Mauser Packaging Solution reconditioning or recycling facilities
    Customers can have empty packaging collected at their location to be shipped to one of Mauser Packaging Solutions’ reconditioning or recycling facilities. By offering this collection service, customers have a hassle-free option for extending the life of their packaging.
  3. Return of reconditioned containers back to customers for re-use
    Reconditioned (either washed or rebottled) packaging is returned to the original customer for additional use or sold and delivered to other customers.
  4. Transport of Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) to manufacturing facilities to produce new packaging
    Our specialized recycling processes transform the IBC or plastic drums that have reached the end of their usable life into high-quality Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) that we call Recolene. In addition to being sold to other manufactures, Recolene is used to produce our Infinity Series of products as well as other product components.
  5. Transport raw materials and components between facilities
    Our transportation fleet supports production by enabling the movement of raw materials, components and equipment between facilities when needed.
  1. Ensuring that the fleet is operating safely
    Adherence to safety and regulatory compliance standards prevent injury and limits risk. Improvements include creating standard processes (i.e. driver handbooks, compensation plans, standardized on-boarding), training for office support and drivers, and ensuring compliance with electronic logging device (ELD) usage by drivers.
  2. Investing in our people
    Our physical assets are only as valuable as the people who operate and manage those assets. We must invest in the training, development and recognition of drivers and logistics support personnel. Through centralized fleet management, we will establish a team of people with commensurate skill sets dedicated to transportation logistics.

“Our transportation fleet is a vital connection between Mauser Packaging Solutions and our customers. Through strategic management we can reduce costs and optimize the value of this asset to best serve our customers,” said David Cuadros, Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics.

Future communications will take a closer look at some of these initiatives and specific improvement projects underway.