National Safety Month: Week One – Prevent Accidents Before They Start

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During the month of June, the U.S. recognizes National Safety Month by calling attention to workplace safety. In addition to our emphasis on 5S training and activities this month, we join the National Safety Council for the 25th anniversary of National Safety Month by providing content on weekly topics that are recognized by companies across the U.S.  

Week 1 – Prevent Accidents Before They Start

Accidents are unplanned occurrences that result in injuries, illness, death, and loss of property and/or production.  While there is no way to completely eliminate accidents, there are certain plans, preparations, and actions that can be taken to reduce them.

Know the Hazards

An important first step in accident prevention is being aware of your surroundings. Look around and identify potential hazards, identify ways to reduce or eliminate hazards, and implement them. Unsafe areas or practices should always be reported to a supervisor.

Create a Safe Work Area

We utilize a variety of mechanisms to create a safe work area including machine guarding, barriers and designated forklift and pedestrian lanes. Additionally, Mauser Packaging Solutions is combating the health and safety hazards created by poor housekeeping through our implementation of the 5S system which provides a framework for organization and cleanliness to improve workplace efficiency and eliminate waste.

Practice Safe Ergonomics

Implementing and practicing safe workspace ergonomics can reduce strain and minimize injuries during lifting and moving. Work place ergonomics includes safe lifting practices and training in body mechanics. Employees should also take breaks and move around during the day to combat the dangers of staying in a static position or performing a repetitive action all day.

Personal Protective Equipment

The proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can dramatically reduce the risk of injury. Examples of PPE include gear such as earplugs, hard hats, safety goggles, gloves, air-purifying respirators and safety shoes. All Mauser Packaging Solutions employees must wear required to wear PPE while in the workplace.

Regular Communication

All employees have a responsibility to protect the safety of themselves and their colleagues. At Mauser Packaging Solutions, any employee can intervene and has the right to request an operation or activity be stopped is a hazard is identified. Open lines of communication between employees and leadership enable identified hazards to be addressed in a timely manner.

Education and Training

It is each employee's responsibility to take an active role in maintaining safety. At Mauser Packaging Solutions, the SMART-Safety© method by Fullmark used internationally and Life Saving Rules implemented in North America in 2020 provide training and awareness that motivate employees to take ownership of their safety.