Mauser Packaging Solutions Relaunches Frontline Leadership Training

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Mauser Packaging Solutions is relaunching our North American Frontline Leadership Training program next month. After delaying the program in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, the training will restart in a virtual format which will reduce disruption in our facilities while allowing more leaders to participate.

“This training is one of the ways we can assist our leaders in being successful in their roles. Our goal is to enable leaders to create work environments that foster employee engagement, improve performance and safety, and increase employee retention,” comments Bruno Couteille, EVP Human Resources.

The first module, focusing on the fundamentals of leadership, will begin in May and last 20 weeks. The fundamentals module will be repeated every six weeks. Participants will complete the module in groups of 14-16 leaders from across all North American divisions and from a variety of job functions. It is anticipated that 100 leaders will complete the first module in 2021.

Key Takeaways: Frontline Leadership Training Program
  • Goal:enable leaders to create work environments that foster employee engagement, improve performance, and increase employee retention
  • Twenty-week program
  • Ten virtual training sessions covering ten learning units
  • High-quality virtual instruction using an online learning Portal
  • Job aids for quick and easy on-the job reference
  • Promotes networking with leaders from across all North American divisions

The fundamentals module will cover ten learning units that will help Mauser Packaging Solutions Leaders to:

  • Establish and maintain leadership over former peers
  • Increase employee engagement by building trusting relationship
  • Use listening, praise and recognition to improve cooperation and productivity
  • Address employee conflicts
  • Increase individual accountability for team results
  • Communicate clear directions and goals to achieve operating results
  • Address performance gaps through coaching and feedback
  • Adapt their communication style to the needs of each employee to ensure directions are clear and understood
  • Conduct one-on-one leader and employee expectation interviews
  • Administer constructive discipline

The Frontline Leader training program is recommended for all front-line leaders. Facilities can register potential training participants through their local HR representative.

Additional modules are in development and will be offered in the future.

Frontline Leadership Training Program Flyer