‘My Why’ Campaign: Submit Your COVID-19 Vaccine Experience

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To make our workplaces and communities safer, we all play an important role in fighting COVID-19. In addition to our social distancing toolkit, the COVID-19 vaccine is an added tool we now have available to protect ourselves, our colleagues, our community and that brings hope that this pandemic will end.

Leading by example is one of the strongest resources we have when educating others about the COVID-19 vaccine. By pledging to be vaccinated and by sharing your vaccination experience, you can encourage others to be vaccinated.

We want to know your vaccination WHY!

Mauser Packaging Solutions is asking you to share your COVID-19 vaccination story. When you make the decision to get your COVID-19 vaccine, please consider sharing your story to help others understand the importance of getting vaccinated.

With the increase in supply and availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, this safe and effective vaccine can help us start to envision a future in which the pandemic is wholly in the past.

“Getting vaccinated is important because it is our first opportunity move into prevention mode. This can help us lead our communities into a new 2021 which should help us return to our normal way of life.”

- MArk Burgess, President & CEO

Use the QR code below to answer a few questions about your decision to get vaccinated. All questions are optional. Responses may be included in future internal employee features or external company marketing materials.

Please refrain from submitting stories that may include personal health information that may be subject to HIPAA regulations or may otherwise compromise the privacy of any individual.

Click here to access the “My Why” survey.

Please diligently continue to take actions that will protect ourselves and others including wearing a mask, staying at least six feet away from others, avoiding crowds, and washing hands often. And even after you get vaccinated, please continue with these protective practices until COVID-19 is safely behind us.