New Safety Guidelines

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The safety of our employees is our greatest priority. Improving workplace safety and minimizing exposure to risk is an ongoing task and one we all must take seriously. As such, all levels of the organization will be held accountable for adhering to safety guidelines and promoting safe behaviors.

Beginning January 1, our North American EHS team rolled out streamlined safety guidelines across our North American businesses to align our entanglement policies and guidelines. Employee entanglement policy training was conducted at all North American sites throughout the month of January with facility manager enforcement training and question and answer sessions occurring in late January. The North American entanglement policy is posted on the North American EHS Insights platform and is accessible to all North American locations.

Effective February 1, all Mauser Packaging Solutions North American employees and visitors entering an area of operation (production, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping/receiving, assembly) or walking through an area of operation, are prohibited from wearing rings, watches, bracelets, or any other type of wrist, cuff, or hand jewelry. Additionally, earrings, necklaces, wallet chains, and items hanging off belt loops/waistbands are not permitted. Draped, flowing and hooded clothing or scarfs, or any other clothing or accessories that could pose a potential entanglement risk, are not permitted.

Employees and visitors with long hair, braids, dreadlocks or beards will be required to pull their hair back when entering areas of operations. All hair should be pulled above the collar and closely to the scalp or chin in such a way as to minimize any hanging. All pony-tails, braids or dreadlocks must be contained by a suitable hairnet that does not extend beyond the collar. Long beards extending more than six inches from the face must be tucked into the neck or chin in such a way as to minimize any entanglement possibilities or must be held back by a beard cover.

Items which could block vision, including peripheral vision, are also not permitted.

Employees and visitors should always consult with local management regarding appropriate attire and PPE as additional restrictions and guidelines specific to a facility may be enforced.

The National Safety Council identifies entanglement as one of the situational risks with the greatest relevance to serious injury or fatality for machine operation and repair and maintenance activities. Adherence to the North American entanglement policy and guidelines reduces entanglement risk and protects the safety of our employees and visitors.