Expansion of capabilities in Erkelenz

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Sustainable, circular, and cost-effective packaging and plastic solutions are of high priority in our environmentally conscious era. Mauser Packaging Solutions’ development efforts, such as the ongoing projects in Erkelenz, Germany, lay the groundwork for embracing resource-friendly and responsible production.
Erkelenz Reconditioning

Over the past year, Erkelenz Reconditioning has undergone two projects aimed at expanding IBC re-bottling operations and addressing the growing demand for PCR. Construction of a new hall to house a state-of-the-art IBC wash line and an automated IBC-rebottle line was completed during the summer and will be fully operational in early-2021. The installation of a wash line in Erkelenz expands our product and services portfolio within the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region in Germany, enabling us to provide sustainable washing services in close proximity to our customers. This facility improvement will significantly reduce logistics costs and CO2 impact by optimizing transport activities in the region..

As the primary supplier of PCR for the Infinity Series product line, we continue to focus on the stability and growth of lines in Erkelenz to support the Infinity Series product line. The investments we are making to our regrind wash lines and compounding line will increase PCR production allowing for the expansion of the product line in the future.

Erkelenz Tube Center

Since opening in 2009, the Erkelenz Tube Center produces the metal tubing used to build IBC cages by Mauser Packaging Solutions facilities in Brazil, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States. An expansion of the current Tube Center was completed in September and serves as a logistics hub to support IBC production. An additional building and tube line are under construction and are scheduled to be fully operational by the end of Q3 2021.

 “Although we are all facing a difficult time due to COVID 19, I am happy to see successful progress for our projects here in Erkelenz.”
- Alexander Zymelka, Project Engineer, International Packaging
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