Manufacturing Day 2020

Michelle MachenMauser News

Held annually on the first Friday in October—Manufacturing (MFG) Day—helps show the reality of modern manufacturing careers. MFG day celebrates the skilled workforce and empowers manufacturers to come together to address collective challenges. With more than 7,000 manufacturing employees globally, Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to reinvigorating manufacturing for our communities and for future generations.

Over the next decade, manufacturers seek to fill 4.6 million high-skill, high-tech and high-paying jobs. As a Company, we are committed to the future of manufacturing and innovation. We are investing in our people and our processes to close the skills gap and disprove common misconceptions around modern manufacturing. Through our apprenticeship programs, traineeship programs, internship opportunities, tuition reimbursement benefits, and Front Line Leadership Development Program, we provide education and training to maintain and continually grow our workforce. By investing in continuous improvement, automation, safety training, the installation and upgrading of machinery and implementation of protective safety features, we are dedicated to providing a modern work environment that enables us to manufacture the best product for our customers while maintaining employee safety as our top priority.

The important role of manufacturing has been keenly evident during 2020. Mauser Packaging Solutions continues to be an essential part of supply chain for products such as agricultural goods, medical supplies, medical waste, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals and more. Without you, this would not be possible. You, our employees, are the people who make Mauser Packaging Solutions successful. You touch everything we design, operate, create, recycle and service.

Thank you.


Did you know…
  • For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $2.74 is added to the economy. That is the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector.
  • Manufacturers in the United States perform 61.8% of all private-sector research and development in the nation, driving more innovation than any other sector.
  • Taken alone, manufacturing in the U.S. would be the eight largest economy in the world.

MFG Day is an initiative of The Manufacturing Institute. The Institute grows and supports the manufacturing industry’s skilled workers for the advancement of modern manufacturing. The Institute’s diverse initiatives support women, veterans, students and workers through skills training programs, community building and supporting the advancement of their career in manufacturing. As the workforce development and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers, the Institute is a trusted adviser to manufacturers, equipping them with resources necessary to solve the industry’s toughest challenges.