DrumGuard – A Load Securing System that’s Safe, Secure, and Sustainable

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Industrial Solutions, International Packaging

In recent years, industrial packaging users have faced increased challenges with regard to load securing due to new legislation and transport controls. Often times, companies will use large quantities of load securing materials such as stretch or shrink wrap and strapping to ensure products arrive safely to their destination, in good condition and without damage. However, there is an alternative that provides the utmost protection during transportation while reducing your environmental footprint.

As the first product of its kind, the DrumGuard® Quattro Multi load securing system drastically reduces single-use plastic waste while delivering unparalleled cargo protection. Whether shipping by land, air, or sea, the DrumGuard® meets legal and regulatory requirements and is certified to international standards, including EUMOS 40509 regulations.

20 Seconds to Compliance

Proper load securing is not only a legal requirement, it also reduces costs and improves efficiency. The DrumGuard® system consists of only two components and can be installed in just 20 seconds - 95% faster than conventional load securing methods! Pallets can be secured whenever and wherever, without investing in stationary equipment. It’s also quick and easy to remove once the unit load arrives safely at its destination.

20 Seconds to  Environmental Footprint Reduction

Not only does the DrumGuard® drastically reduce single-use plastic waste, it was also designed with reusability in mind. The DrumGuard® can be used multiple times, and with more than 100 collection sites around the world, we make sure it finds its way back to our customers.

The DrumGuard® Quattro Multi can be used on the following products:

  • 55G / 208L Steem Drums – Open and Tight Head
  • 55G / 209L Plastic Drums – Tight Head
  • 55G / 208L Fibre Drums
DrumGuard Product Brochure