Automation Additions Improve Reidsville Reconditioning Facility

Michelle MachenMauser News, Industrial Solutions

This week, the Reidsville, NC recycling facility launched a new automated material flow and storage system for PCR production. Replicating automation that already exists in the South Plainfield, NJ recycling facility, the new system improves the safety and efficiency of the Reidsville facility.

This new automation moves cleaned grind material from the wash line directly into internal silos then onto the pelletizer and finally to outside silos for bagging and shipping. Prior to the implementation of the new line, material was moved by forklift between these process stations.


The primary benefits of this automation include:

Environmental & Logistical cost reduction
The automated movement of PCR pellets eliminates the need for forklifts within the facility. There are significant cost savings obtained by reduction of consumption of liquified petroleum (LP), maintenance and operations using these forklifts.

Better consistency of output
Automation eliminates the manual feeding of material into the pelletizer. By automating this step of the process there is a greater consistency to the PCR blend/formulation. The improved consistency creates a better end product for Mauser Packaging Solutions and our customers.

More efficient use of facility layout and floor space
Washed regrind moves from the wash line to internal silos eliminating boxed storage on the facility floor. The use of internal silos reduces restricted movement around the facility, improves visibility for forklift drivers, and provides more available floor space for additional operations.

Improved safety
Forklift operation contributes to one of the leading causes of workplace injuries. By eliminating the need for some forklifts and removing excess storage on the facility floor, a safer work environment is created for employees.

This process improvement also has indirect benefits for other Mauser Packaging Solutions facilities as the Reidsville facility sells well over a million lbs. of PCR a month back to other Mauser facilities. By improving the efficiency and consistency of PCR production, we improve the supply stream and product quality for our external customers and other Mauser manufacturing facilities.

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“Thank you to the team in Reidsville for their hard work and commitment to implementing these improvements.”
Neal Gabriel, Vice President of Plastics and PCR (Industrial Solutions)