East Brunswick Reaches Safety Milestone

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Industrial Solutions, Large Packaging, Safety

On July 28, the East Brunswick Industrial Solutions facility reached 1 year without a lost time injury incident. This achievement is particularly significant in contrast with the facilities safety history in recent years. In 2018, the East Brunswick facility had 10 recordable accidents with three lost time injuries. “For this team to accomplish this milestone in the same environment and with much of the same workforce is a testament the priority and focus this team has given to safety over the past year,” commented Tamlin Ferguson, Plant Manager.

In an effort to increase daily awareness of safety in the facility, the East Brunswick team begins their daily Tier 1 end of shift meeting with safety as the first topic every day. Employees are engaged in the process by identifying safety concerns and proposing ideas for improving facility safety. All supervisors and managers conduct weekly Gemba walks that are focused on safety and housekeeping.

The East Brunswick employees were notified of their safety milestone accomplishment during the Tier 1 meetings on July 29. Employees were given the choice of two gifts to commemorate the milestone and recognize everyone’s efforts and contributions. “This is a tremendous accomplishment that comes with significant effort and focus that every employee at East Brunswick should be proud of. Looking back to 2018 really puts into perspective how significant this milestone is,” commented Neal Gabriel, Industrial Solutions Vice President of Plastic and PCR.

“The employees and the management team in East Brunswick are extremely proud of this achievement but we recognize that we must continue to maintain our focus every day and push toward reaching the next milestone.”
Tamlin Ferguson, East Brunswick Plant Manager