Get to Know Mauser Products: Infinity Series

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The Infinity Series product line, which was first introduced in form of monolayer Open Head Plastic Drums more than 10 years ago, capitalizes on Mauser Packaging Solutions’ unique ability to collect, recondition, reuse, and recycle industrial packaging. This closed loop system gives packaging new life, while reducing environmental impact. The latest developments to the Infinity Series were designed to promote a circular economy and provide customers with environmentally favorable packaging for the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous goods.
Infinity Series Drums

Infinity Series Drums are UN-certified and made from PCR material generated from industrial packaging. These drums are available in the same sizes and at similar specifications as traditional drums made from virgin plastics but provide customers with a lower carbon footprint option. To meet the different needs of our customer applications, Infinity Series drums are available in monolayer and innovative – HDPE only – multilayer technology.


Advantages of Infinity Series Drums:

    • Environmentally friendly packaging with lower carbon footprint
    • Made from a carefully selected inbound material stream
    • Broad portfolio on UN-certified drums
    • UN certified for solids (Open Head) and liquids (Tight Head)
    • Same drum dimensions as drums made from virgin HDPE allows for hassle-free adoption
Infinity Series IBC

The innovative 2-layer Infinity Series IBC-bottle marks the next step for Mauser Packaging Solutions to offer the most sustainable IBC solutions to the market. Premium quality PCR, generated from carefully selected IBC-recycling materials only, make our Infinity Series IBC bottles one of the most sustainable options in the IBC market.


Benefits of the Infinity Series IBC:

    • Sustainable - Innovative 2-layer bottle with outer layer made from premium quality PCR-material
    • Secure – All components (incl. inner layer of IBC bottle) in direct contact with filling good are made from 100% virgin material
    • Standardized – Same standard dimensions and specifications (non UN) as with any new or reconditioned IBC
    • Flexible – Same portfolio options as with any new or reconditioned (non UN) IBC
    • Circular – No restriction in recollection and reuse compared to new and reconditioned IBC
Medical Waste Containers

The WIVA™ Infinity Series MWCs are made of 85% circular material and comply with UN regulations on dangerous goods. WIVA™ Infinity Series containers, available in sizes 30, 50 & 60 liters, combine superior protection and handling with the benefits of recycled plastic resin. Used in a range of medical environments, their CO2 footprint is less than half that of 100% virgin plastic containers.


Advantages of WIVA™ VAT5 containers:

    • Failure-proof locking systems for leak-proof transport & safe disposal of contaminated sharps
    • UN-approved for class 6.2 infectious waste, UN 3291
    • Special solutions available for Category A waste (UN 2814 & UN 2900)
    • Suitable for hygienic autoclaving and incineration processes
    • Nestable when empty and extremely stable, even when stacked
    • Safe, ergonomically solid handgrips
    • Several lid types available
    • Customizable options

The Infinity Series is one of the most comprehensive portfolios of UN-certified industrial packaging made from recycled resin (PCR). With the largest network of reconditioning facilities, Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to thinking circular and delivering sustainable solutions that are good for the environment and good for our customers.

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