Mauser Packaging Solutions Announces Appointment of Mark Burgess as CEO, Retirement of Ken Roessler

Michelle MachenMauser News

As I reflect on the past couple of years and the future of the Company, I can't help but note that this great business, led by a capable team has many years of growth ahead. With the numerous large and small acquisitions completed over the past several years, building Mauser into a strong and diverse global platform, we now have a tremendous opportunity to fully optimize the Company. It is my belief that the Company must now focus its primary attention on operational execution across the globe to best service our customers. Operational consistency within our plants and maintaining the highest levels of quality, health, safety and profitability will be the key ingredients to our future success.

Given these future drivers of Mauser's success, I believe we need a different operating style and a new set of eyes to execute on these critical plans. I have come to the conclusion that this is an ideal time for me to transition out of my current role and make way for a new chapter in the Company's life. As you all know, this Company is an essential part of my life, and I am not prepared to let it continue to achieve less than its full potential.

As such, I am pleased to announce that Mark Burgess will assume the role of President and CEO of Mauser Packaging Solutions, effective today. Mark has significant experience leading Industrial businesses, including a strong background in Packaging. I believe Mark is the right leader to take the Company forward. I look forward to working with Mark on a seamless transition through the end of the year and will take on an advisory role thereafter.

Mark's official announcement is available here for your review.

I am leaving the Company on my own terms, with nothing but pride over what we have accomplished over the last 20 years. The business is in good shape and I have no doubt will continue to prosper under new leadership.

Finally, I would like to thank all of my Mauser colleagues for your contributions to our Company and for your support. It has been the great joy of my life to lead such an outstanding group of intelligent, hard-working and dedicated people. You will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.

I wish you and your families good health and happiness in the future. All the best.