The Top 5 Things to Know About the Mauser Packaging Solutions Used Container Collection Program

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Industrial Solutions, Reconditioning

Every year, Mauser Packaging Solutions collects tens of millions of used, empty IBCs and plastic and steel drums from companies around the world. Why? It’s the right and responsible thing to do!

We are committed to “Redefining Sustainability” and providing solutions that reduce our carbon footprint. Collection is the first step in responsibly extending the life cycle of industrial packaging. Here are the top 5 things to know about our collection program.

The Top 5 Things You Should Know:
  1. Returning Empty Packaging Reduces Carbon Footprint
    Returning empty packaging is not only good for the environment, but also supports our customer’s sustainability goals. By returning empty packaging, customers are diverting waste from landfills, preserving natural resources, and reducing their carbon footprint. In 2019 alone, our collection and reconditioning program helped customers prevent more than 1.5 million tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 293,000 cars!

  2. Scheduling Collection is Quick and Hassle-Free
    Our collection service is quick and hassle-free. Customers can initiate the process with an email or phone call and soon will be able to use our new mobile app. Different types of empty packaging, such as IBCs and drums, can be consolidated into one collection. We combine efficiency with safe and fast handling to free up customer storage space and keep customer workplaces safe.

  3. Conveniently Located
    With more than 75 locations around the world, we have the largest collection and reconditioning network for industrial packaging. This means we have locations close to our customers, wherever they may be. Our local experts have the regulatory knowledge that’s critical for safe, and proper handling of empty IBCs and plastic and steel drums.

  4. Not our package? No problem.
    Mauser Packaging Solutions collects empty IBCs and drums from most major manufacturers, including our competitors. This includes 275G/1,000L and 330G/1,250L Composite IBCs, 30G/114L and 55G/208L open or closed-head plastic drums, and 55G/208L open or closed-head steel drums that meet certain criteria.

  5. Diverse Product Portfolio
    We’re dedicated to helping customers achieve true sustainability at scale. That’s why we offer a range of washed and rebottled IBCs and reconditioned plastic and steel drums. Customers can choose from various specifications and sizes for both UN and non-UN applications.