National Safety Month – Week 2 – Mental Health Awareness

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Safety

The primary focus of workplace safety will always be the physical safety of employees in the workplace. In the midst of the uncertainty in our world today, it is increasingly important to recognize the impact mental health has on workplace safety.

Significant evidence supports the connection between individuals’ mental well-being and their ability to function at work. An employee dealing with mental health issues is more distracted, less able to make good decisions, and less likely to recognize potential hazards – all of which can lead to a workplace accident or injury.

Mental health issues can come from a variety of sources and can manifest in varying degrees of severity. At times, mental health issues can be a temporary circumstance brought on by stress or fatigue. Regardless of the source or severity of mental health issues, it is important to recognize its existence and its impact on one’s ability to fully function both at work and at home.

Mauser Packaging Solutions offers a variety of mental health resources that are available to employee through our benefits vendors. Employees who feel they may be dealing with mental health issues are encouraged to contact their Human Resources Representative for assistance in accessing mental health resources available through our benefits providers.