Life Saving Rules: Safety Controls

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Life Saving Rules are essential safety principles that when followed, will protect employees from serious injury or death. These rules were developed around hazards specific to Mauser Packaging Solutions and are focused, clear and simple, actionable, and observable.


Safety controls are any devices or barriers that exists to protect the safety of people working with or near equipment. No employee should bypass or remove a safety device without proper training and authorization. Removing or bypassing safety controls creates a risk of injury or death to yourself or others. A good rule to remember is, “Any machine part, function, or process which may cause injury must be safeguarded.”

Common safety controls present in Mauser facilities include Hard Guards and Safety Devices.

Hard Guards

Hard guards are devices placed over moving parts, such as conveyor chains or rotating printing drums, to prevent an employee from getting caught in the motion of the machine. Guards prevent employees from getting to close a machine. Guards should be in good condition and firmly attached to the machine. Guards should only be removed by employees who are authorized to do so for maintenance or repair. Guards should remain in place unless the equipment has been properly de-energized by an employee that has been authorized and trained in lock out tag out (LOTO) procedures.

Safety Devices

Safety devices are mechanisms in place the that ensure safe use of a machine that requires manual manipulation. Safety devices are implemented in areas where it is not practical to keep employees away from machines with guarding. Examples of safety devices include two hand controls and presence sensing devices such as light curtains, safety mats, scanners, and other technology. Two hand controls require both hands are occupied and away from a machine’s point of operation to prevent injury from moving parts. Presence sensing devices detect if a person has entered a danger zone and will shut down the machine until the presence is no longer detected.

Our Commitment to Safety Controls:
  • I understand the fatal consequences could occur when safeguards are removed or disabled.
  • I will not remove or disable safeguards.
  • I will never do the following without proper authorization and alternate protective measures:
    • remove a safety guard,
    • disable or override a safety device,
    • ignore or cross a safety barrier.