Mauser Platform Optimization: Our Plan for Strategic Growth

Michelle MachenMauser News

The Mauser Packaging Solutions Platform Optimization (MPO) is defined as the assembly, alignment, and leveraging of Mauser Packaging Solutions’ resources to realize our goals/objectives.

As we continue to implement MPO across the business, we seek gains that come in the form of higher revenues, lower costs, and a more effective and efficient workforce.

Why do we invest in MPO?

To stay ahead in a rapidly changing world

We operate in a dynamic environment; one in which periods of volatility, rapidly changing technology, and globalization are no strangers. When effectively implemented, our MPO objectives will become a reliable driver of short-term and long-term goals, which we can leverage to stay ahead in the market.

To achieve strategic advantage

By optimizing, we are able to hire and deploy the right skill sets further aligning our goals. This strategic advantage positions us to respond better to unexpected changes in the marketplace and drive toward our priorities quicker and more effectively.

To grow strategically

Getting the post-merger organization structure right—aligning cultures, human resources, priorities, and workflows—is key to unlocking the synergies and value-potential of the business.

As the company’s overarching strategy, MPO offers a proven and reliable roadmap for greater long-term success. The graphic below shows how our MPO projects relate to our vision. By supporting our vision, we will make a significant impact for the business, our employees, and our customers.

Mauser Store Image