Erklenez Pioneers Activities in Lifecycle Management

Michelle MachenOur Stories, International Packaging

On Tuesday, January 28, Mauser Packaging Solutions announced investments at the Erklenez, Germany facility to further increase the facility’s level of vertical integration.

The announcement was attended by official representatives from the Erkelenz city council, the company’s construction partner, and Mauser Packaging Solutions leadership.

The project in Erkelenz underlines Mauser Packaging Solutions continued commitment to expanding its pioneering activities in the lifecycle management of packaging. The Erkelenz facility generates high quality, recycled resin from industrial packaging that is diverted from the waste stream through collection, recycling, and reprocessing. This recycled resin is used by many of the company’s facilities to manufacture new packaging containing up to 90 percent recycled resin.

Giving packaging a second life and providing sustainable, circular and cost-effective packaging solutions is a high priority for the company. The measures that will be implemented at the Erkelenz facility are pointing the way forward for the industry.