A Santa Among Us

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Bill Myers, Mauser Packaging Solutions Reconditioning Sales Representative, spent his weekends in December bringing hope and joy to children in Matamoros, Mexico. Dressed as Santa Claus, Myers visited schools, hospitals, and family detention centers with gifts of toys and clothes for children. During the visits, hundreds of children had the opportunity to meet Santa and receive gifts.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Many of the children in Matamoros do not have a lot due to poverty. I feel like I only scratched the surface as so many did without on Christmas,” commented Myers.


Matamoros Santa (Bill Myers)     


During one visit, more than 300 children had the opportunity to meet Santa and receive gifts. Some children wanted nothing more than a photo and hug from Santa.


A reporter present at one of Myers visits took this photo which has been featured in local news stories as well as in new publications as far away as India.


In addition to individual gifts for children, Myers raised funds to replace the basketball goal and balls for one of the schools he visited. (Old basketball goal pictured.)


Myers recently accepted a donation of new toys from a local Waffle House employee to be distributed in December 2020.

“Giving is what Christmas is all about. Thank you to all my elves; I couldn’t do this without you. And, a special thank you to all my friends who donated gifts, candy, and money to help make Christmas special for these families."

Bill Myers, Matamoros Santa

More photos, stories and information about Christmas 2020 is available on the Matamoros Santa Facebook page.