Erkelenz, Germany Reconditioning Facility Reaches Safety Milestone

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On November 25, the Erkelenz, Germany Reconditioning facility reached 1,000 days without a safety accident.

Erkelenz Plant Manager Theo Laubach credits this achievement to the diligent safety commitment demonstrated by every employee, every day. “We always follow the rules and pay extra attention to the cleanliness and order in the production area. In addition to training our employees regularly on safety topics, we provide all employees with the appropriate safety equipment to do their job. When faulty behaviors do occur, we immediately and directly address the issue. In the case of an accident or near miss, the root cause is analyzed in detail and corrective actions are elaborated on in working groups.”

Erkelenz’s emphasis on safety has played an important role in achieving this milestone. From the production line to leadership, all Erkelenz employees have benefited from training that has increased awareness of safety in all areas of life. Erkelenz’s regularly conducted safety plant tours keep all employees aligned by focusing on a variety of safety topics including PPE, ladder safety, fire extinguisher use, and 5S. Erkelenz leadership actively participates and reports into Quality and Safety meetings, with other reconditioning facilities in Germany, to share best practices and exchange experiences for the good of the business

Congratulations to all the employees in Erkelenz on this achievement!

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Theo Laubach, Erkelenz Plant Manager, with the visual tool which is used track the safety status of a facility for each day of the month. The green squares indicate days in the month where no injury occurred. Other colors are used to indicate days with accidents or near misses.

"We are very happy with the current results and are looking forward to further safe work!"

Theo Laubach, Erkelenz Plant Manager