CTSI Introduced as the Transportation Spot Bid and Route Guide Technology Solution for Reconditioning

Michelle Machen Mauser News, Industrial Solutions, Reconditioning

Mauser Packaging Solutions Reconditioning business unit has announced plans to make systematic improvements to its transportation management process through the expanded implementation of CTSI as the transportation spot bid and route guide technology solution for Reconditioning facilities. CTSI has already been partially implemented within Return Logistics at the Addison, Ill. facility with favorable results. Planning for expansion to other facilities began in October and implementation will continue through early 2020 using a 3 Wave implementation plan.

Les Bradshaw, Executive Vice President of Procurement and Logistics, commented on the need for this change saying, “For years, we’ve made transportation decisions at each facility to satisfy our customers while at the same time managing our transportation costs (P&L) with limited visibility and tools.  Over time, this process has not allowed us to fully maximize transportation cost savings within each facility and allow for competition and the market to work in our favor, resulting in lost opportunity and potential customer service implications.”

Utilization of transportation spot bid and route guide technology will enable Reconditioning to create competition among carriers for infrequent shipments and automate the carrier selection and routing process for frequent shipments. Implementation of both capabilities will result in lower shipping cost and streamlining of transportation processes.

CTSI was partially implemented in Addison, Ill. as a pilot to help manage the Inbound transportation process for infrequent shipping lanes in July 2019. Since implementation, the Addison facility has seen  cost savings attributed to the use of the spot bid tool. Darren Adams, Sr. Manager Global PMO commented, “When we implemented the tool we were confident we would be able to help make our freight rates more competitive by introducing a bidding process, and the results did not disappoint. I expect that once this project rolls-out to the remaining facilities we will see similar cost improvements driven by the introduction of a competitive spot market within our facilities.

Spot bid and route guide technology is already utilized in Small Packaging and Large Packaging business units. The implementation of comparable technology in Reconditioning will enable Mauser Packaging Solutions to follow similar processes and maintain better visibility of transportation management across all three business units.

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