Veterans in Manufacturing

Michelle MachenMauser News

Many manufacturing companies, including Mauser Packaging Solutions, actively recruit military veterans to help fill the skills gap that currently exists within the industry. Each month, thousands of service personnel return to civilian life with a specific set of skills attained from rigorous technical training making him/her uniquely qualified for a role in manufacturing. Supporting veterans in their efforts to reconnect to employment is good for Mauser, good for veterans, and good for the global economy.

Even though veterans are uniquely skilled to help bridge the skills gap in manufacturing, employers often struggle to translate military experience to equivalent civilian education or work experience. Fortunately, there are resources available that assist both veterans and potential employees to understand the competencies acquired through specific military jobs. View the video below to see more about how veterans and employers can work together to combat a growing skills gap in manufacturing.

At Mauser Packaging Solutions we value the experience and leadership that veterans bring to our workforce. We recruit military veterans globally and partner with organizations such as RecruitMilitary, Hiring our Heroes, US Department of Veterans Affairs,, and The experience and skills gained through military service align with Mauser’s company values empowering veterans with the potential for a successful career with the company.

As we show our appreciation for veterans throughout the month of November, we want to say a special thank you to the veterans who work along side us at Mauser Packaging Solutions. Thank you for your military service and for the contributions you make each day.