Women in Manufacturing: Three Women of Mauser

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Debbie Cvitkovich
Production Manager
Springhill, NS, Canada
Small Packaging
28 Years with Mauser


Christy Dinger
Forklift Operator
Cedar City, Utah
Small Packaging
3 Months with Mauser


Laura Lorenzi
Plant Manager
Grezzago and Fonzaso, Italy
International Packaging
26 Years with Mauser

How did you arrive at your current position?

Laura - I began my career at Mauser in a spare parts room. Exposure to training opportunities and other areas of the business helped me learn more about the industry. Overtime, I developed and moved into the position I currently hold.

Debbie - I began my career with Mauser in an entry level production assistant role. I have learned the business through my experiences working in many roles and
departments. The Springhill facility has provided me with countless opportunities to grow through training and development that has equipped me for success in my current role.

Christy - I have always enjoyed driving any type of vehicle and manufacturing at Mauser allows me to do something I enjoy. After a personal relocation, I was excited to join the Mauser team.

Research shows that women, especially women in STEM fields, do better if they have a mentor. Has mentorship played any role in your career?

Debbie - Mentorship has played a strong role in my career. My very first mentor was a woman. She was always encouraging, valued me as an employee (and as a person), and helped build my confidence in decision making. In my current position, I make it a priority to offer the same opportunities I have received to others. If anyone asks for training or development, I do my best to make those things happen.

Laura - I have benefited from training opportunities and exposure in many areas of the business. I am grateful for the time that my leaders have invested in me allowing me to gain the skills and knowledge needed to help Mauser succeed.

Would you recommend a career in manufacturing to young women? And, if so, why?

Laura - Yes, of course. Organizing and managing is a great job that brings satisfaction with a job well done.

Christy - Yes, it is a career path that can take you anywhere.

Debbie - I believe women can be anything they want to be. A career in manufacturing is
always evolving and I would recommend a career in this field to anyone that can adapt with that evolution.

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