Generations of Mauser: All in the Mauser Packaging Family

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Meet the Fragale family, a Mauser Packaging Solutions family building their careers together.

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Kelly Fragale. Kelly is the Midwestern Regional Customer Service Manager for the Reconditioning business unit. Kelly has been with the Company for 27 years working hand-in-hand with customers to coordinate pick-ups and handling quality issues. Kelly was previously the Midwest Ohio Region Financial Controller and has a wealth of knowledge from this experience that she continues to utilize and help with Integration Training.

David Fragale. David is husband to Kelly and has been a truck driver for the Reconditioning business unit based out of Cincinnati, Ohio for four years. Responsible for picking up container loads from customers, David plays an integral role in the Mauser Packaging Solutions’ sustainability story. He also serves as the face of our business as he interacts directly with customers and raw material generators.

Taylor Fragale. Taylor is the daughter of David and Kelly. Taylor is the Office Manager of the Reconditioning facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been with the Company for one year. In Taylor’s role, she is responsible for making sure that the Cincinnati office runs efficiently and effectively for employees and customers.

“Seeing my Dad and Mom giving the family a sense of security and seeing them as providers… that encouraged me to work at Mauser Packaging Solutions. For all of us to be so involved in the process and see the entire life-cycle of our product, from cradle to grave, is definitely something special and something we are all proud of,” said Taylor Fragale.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the entire Fragale family during my time here. I think it shows a deep commitment to our core values when you have multiple family members working in an operation; especially when children follow their parents’ example and join the team."

Bill Carroll, RVP-Midwest.