Generations in Manufacturing

Michelle MachenMauser News

The generational divide is more prevalent than ever in today’s workplace as the baby boomer and millennial generations attempt to share the workplace. While this generational divide creates a challenge, the manufacturing industry continues to evolve older proven processes and strategies to advance its use of technologically. There is a lot each generation has to offer the other and the continued success of manufacturing is dependent on generations working together.

Baby boomers hold a wealth of knowledge that has made manufacturing successful. They possess an in-depth understanding of products, processes, and machines. As baby boomers transition into retirement at a rate of 10,000 per day, the continued success of the manufacturing industry is reliant on their collective knowledge being passed on to younger generations.

Millennials bring a natural comfort with modern technology into the workplace. Their understanding of technology, when paired with the knowledge of baby boomers, will continue to revolutionize manufacturing. However, a National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) survey found that 18-24 year olds rank manufacturing five out of seven for career preferences. Whether it’s due to misperception or lack of knowledge, millennials are not pursuing careers in manufacturing as often as their predecessors did. To overcome this and to ensure future success, manufacturing companies, including Mauser Packaging Solutions, must work hard to expose young generations to the options available in today’s  industry.

View the video below for more insight into how millennials perceive manufacturing.

Our company is using a variety of methods to attract younger generations. Our focus on apprenticeship and intern programs, employee development opportunities, cleaner and more sustainable work environments and products, and safety conscious workplaces are influential in attracting millennials to the Mauser Packaging Solutions. By providing an engaging, safe, and technologically advanced workplace, we can show the next generation a manufacturing industry that is appealing for their future.