Women in Manufacturing: Finding More Than A Job

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Women are increasingly finding roles in male dominated manufacturing sectors where they can make a living, grow successfully in their careers, and have a positive impact on the global economy. Mauser Packaging Solutions is proud to have women making a difference at all levels of our company. The Manufacturing at Mauser: Women in Manufacturing profile series will introduce you to influential women across the organization.


Vicky Soto
Production Manager
Charlotte, N.C., U.S.A.
20 Years with Mauser

Meet Vicky Soto

Charlotte, N.C., U.S.A. Reconditioning

Vicky Soto never imagined herself making a career in manufacturing when she entered the industry out of necessity. Soto began her manufacturing career at Mauser Packaging Solutions (formerly National Container Services) on the production floor and was promoted through almost every department during her first couple of years of employment. Soto eventually was promoted to facility Production Manager; the position she has held for 14 years now.

“Working in manufacturing has turned into one of my greatest passions. I am challenged daily, both mentally and physically. It has become a career where I have been able to grow, develop management skills, and learn the behind the scenes processes. Manufacturing is about having high expectations of not only yourself, but of all those that work for you (and around you). Maintaining a safe working environment is key and caring about your employees promotes good work ethics all around."

Soto credits her success to her steadfast determination to prove to both herself and those she has worked with that she could handle working in manufacturing. While Soto has never had a formal mentor, she has benefited from many leaders, like her facility manager, who has pushed her to continually grow and strive for the next position.

"Women taking part in manufacturing, no matter what the position is, are breaking down barriers around the world. I see manufacturing as a career that allows women to grow in all aspects of their lives."

Vicky Soto, Production Manger
Meet Kelly Brown

Newnan, Ga., U.S.A. Small Packaging

After deciding that a traditional college education was not right for her, a homesick Kelly Brown found herself starting a new career with Mauser Packaging Solutions. Beginning as a temporary employee on the pail lines in Newnan, Ga., she was eager to learn more about the manufacturing process and quickly took on additional roles and responsibility.

While training for another facility leadership position, Brown realized that she had a strong passion for quality and returned to the quality department as a Quality Supervisor. Her knack for solving problems and motivating others are an asset to her department and to Mauser.


Kelly Brown
Quality Supervisor
Newnan, Ga., U.S.A.
Small Packaging
12 Years with Mauser

Brown is thankful for the supervisors and managers who have encouraged her to grow and to created a space where she could learn, even through mistakes. “They taught me to never get comfortable with my career and to always be willing to grow,” said Brown.
After 12 years, Brown has found a home at Mauser. The encouragement and confidence she has gained with the company has motivated her to return to college in pursuit of a Engineering Degree.

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