Women in Manufacturing

Michelle MachenMauser News

When people think of the manufacturing industry, it is often one in which men are the dominant players. Today, women are increasingly finding roles in manufacturing sectors where they can make a living, grow successfully in their careers, and have a positive impact on the global economy.

Manufacturing is being rapidly transformed from a labor-intensive field to a high-tech, detailed-oriented field. This change, and the growing pick up in domestic (U.S.) manufacturing, has created thousands of manufacturing jobs that, experts say, more women are starting to seek out.

At Mauser we encourage our locations to recruit, retain, and support women in the industry by increasing the visibility of women leaders and to mentor the next generation of manufacturers. When you think about what women bring to this new era of manufacturing –think about innovation, creativity, and problem solving capabilities.

View the video below to see how women in manufacturing are making an impact in the industry.

Beginning next week, Mauser Packaging Solutions will recognize a handful of Mauser’s own women in manufacturing on MauserNOW. All nominees were submitted by leadership and/or peers, have achieved unique accomplishments, and work to foster the growth of women in manufacturing. Read more about Mauser’s Women in Manufacturing next week.