Manufacturing Means…

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Manufacturing, in some form, is responsible for every product we use. But for people who work in manufacturing, it is a way of life. For the people who work at Mauser Packaging Solutions, manufacturing means more than providing packaging for customers. Manufacturing means an opportunity to discover and grow personal skills, the ability ability to provide for families and more.

Scroll through the images below to see what manufacturing means to Mauser employees.

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  • Print the “Manufacturing Means…” template in color.
  • Complete the statement “Manufacturing Means…” on the template.
  • Take a photo with your “Manufacturing Means…” statement. The statement should be held at chest level with your face fully visible.
  • Submit your photo to  Include your name (first name and last initial), job title, and facility name in your email.
11"x17" Template
8.5"x11" Template