Giving our supervisors the best tools to be effective leaders

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On September 25 and 26, Front Line Leadership, the new Mauser supervisory development program for current and future managers and supervisors, launched with a pilot session held in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The pilot session was attended by 18 employees from the Small, Large, and Reconditioning business units. Pilot participants were introduced to the program’s learning modules, training activities and resources that were jointly designed by Mauser operations employees and training partner, Trinity Training & Development.  Following the pilot, participants had an opportunity to share feedback to ensure that the program meets the needs of our employees by providing training that is action oriented (i.e. it teaches leaders how to do specific tasks more effectively) and is highly relevant to daily job responsibilities.

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When the program launches in its entirety, it will include six learning modules: (1) Managing People; (2) Safety; (3) Administrative Skills; (4) Product & Process Knowledge; (5) Industry & Company Knowledge; and (6) Mauser Operating Systems. The program will teach our front line leadership the skill set needed to effectively communicate, create a positive work environment, handle different personalities, and foster team success.

The Front Line Leadership program is just one key people initiative launching in 2019 that plays a central role in providing opportunities to our workforce — enabling our employees to grow and develop throughout their career with Mauser Packaging Solutions.

To learn more about the scheduled launch and qualifications for participation, please contact Vaughn Emery, Talent Acquisition Partner (email:; mobile phone: Mobile: (630) 408-9825).