Apprentices ensure a clean work environment at the Brühl plant

Michelle MachenOur Stories, International Packaging

Our new commercial apprentices know that a clean work environment not only make a good impression to visitors but also increases employee productivity and safety. The group recently completed a clean-up of the Brühl facility campus with the help and inspiration of Joerg Acker, Head of European Logistics.

Jonas Gilles, HR Business Partner, commented, “This clean-up project was a good way to improve the working environment. It was also a great opportunity for us to get to know the Brühl site and each other. We hope that this project serves as a model for other sites and encourages future projects at Brühl and across the Company.”

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Miriam Klein, Alexander Weyl, Philipp Heuser, Paul Pfeil, Philip Siep, Lucas Neven, Joerg Acker