Donation Drives Support Local Communities

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Two Supply Drives in Trenton, New Jersey

In June, the Trenton, New Jersey Small Packaging (metals) facility hosted a supply drive to support Trenton’s local animal shelter. Around 125 items were donated by employees to help the shelter care for animals in need of a home.

In August, the facility hosted a school supply drive to provide needed supplies to teachers and students in the Trenton Area School District. Supplies for teachers were packaged in paint cans donated by the York, Pa. facility. Student supplies were packaged in backpacks. Combined with donations from other companies and organizations, the Trenton Area School District was able to provide over 3,000 backpacks of school supplies to students in need.


“I am grateful to be a part of an organization that allows us to assist our community in need."

Jessica Markle, Human Resources Generalist, Trenton, NJ

Above - Trenton, NJ facilities donation to the Trenton Area School District included 400 pencils, 388 pens, 276 colored pencils, 38 boxes of crayons, 107 notebooks, 7 cases of construction paper , 28 cases of filler notebook paper, 22 boxes of markers, 4 dry erase boards, 180 folders, 20 boxes of paperclips, 23 pair of scissors, 17 boxes of index cards, 33 boxes of tissues, 6 binders, 36 containers of white out, 12 pencil boxes, 58 packages of post it notes, 17 rules, 2 boxes of post it flags, 13 staplers, 24 glue sticks, 2 tubs of glue, and 11 binder pencil pouches.

Sturtevant, Wi. Collects Hundreds of Non-Perishable Food Items for Local Food Bank

In August, the Sturtevant, Wi. Small Packaging (metals) facility held a food drive to support the Racine County Food Bank. Employees donated hundreds of items for the food bank. To encourage participation, the facility leadership team volunteered for a pie-in-the-face challenge where the supervisor for the group with the most donations received a pie in the face from their employees. Employees who made donations were also entered into a raffle for prizes.