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Our new “One Company” intranet landing page, CONNECT, launches today!

CONNECT aims to strengthen our identity as one company by providing Office 365 migrated employees a central access point for company provided tools and resources.

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What is now available on CONNECT:

  • Access to MauserNOW, our global communication hub
  • Access to legacy intranet platforms (credentials required - legacy intranet platforms will be accessible to employees with legacy access via CONNECT)
  • Access to ServiceNow, our new IT service center
  • Company-wide employee resources including company overview presentation, company PowerPoint template, letterhead templates, brand guidelines, image library, and access to stationery and merchandise stores

Changes you will notice:

  • Company-wide news and employee/facility regional feature stories will no longer be posted on the legacy intranet sites. Previously posted news and stories will not be removed until a later date.
  • All company-wide news and regional feature stories will now be posted only to MauserNOW, our global communication hub.
  • CONNECT has been set by Global IT to display as the default Internet homepage for Large, Small, and International Packaging employees. Office 365 migrated Reconditioning employees are provided with instructions on how to set CONNECT as a default homepage. Click here for instructions.
  • CONNECT is always accessible to Office 365 migrated employees with network credentials.**

What changes are forthcoming?

  • At this time, CONNECT will not replace existing intranet platforms. Overtime, legacy intranets will become business unit landing pages used to communicate business unit announcments, leadership messages, information, and resources. Legacy intranet platforms will be accessible to employees with legacy access via CONNECT.
  • Additional company-wide employee resources and additional shared resource tools will be added to CONNECT as we continue to migrate platforms and processes across business units.
  • Mauser Packaging Solutions employee resources will be removed from legacy platforms the week of October 14.

Enhancements, such as CONNECT and MauserNOW, allow all of us to collaborate and communicate better as “One Company.” Interested in learning more? Click here to read the CONNECT FAQs.

**Note: Only employees with network access have access to CONNECT.