Announcing the New and Improved IT Service Desk

Michelle MachenMauser News

On Monday, August 19, Mauser Packaging Solutions Information Technology (IT) is launching a new global support platform to provide a single point of contact for all IT requests and services.  Once the system launches, Mauser Packaging employees will experience a new and improved level of support when they need to report an incident of something not working or to submit a request for something new, such as hardware or software.

The new and improved IT Service Desk will be available to take calls, answer questions, and to ensure that all incidents and requests get to the right people, in a timely manner.  Other features that will be available to employees include timely updates on IT-related incidents including outages, ease of visibility into manager-required approvals, status updates on open service requests, and insight to the progress of requests being fulfilled.  The new platform also includes a Knowledge Portal where employees can search topics and find help on commonly known incidents and questions.


On Monday, employees can contact the IT Service Desk through the new global service portal at, by email at, or via CONNECT, our new global Intranet landing page also launching on August 19.