Cincinnati Employees Provide School Supplies for Students

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Small Packaging

Employees at our Small Packaging facility in Cincinnati, Ohio recently collected 10 boxes of school supplies over a 10-day school supply drive benefiting Crayons to Computers. At the end of the drive, the facility matched the donations from shift/crew that donated the most items. Donations made by the third shift and B crew teams were matched and employees received a catered dinner of fried chicken.

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The donations made by Mauser employees will enable students to have the supplies needed to have a successful school year. According to Crayons to Computers, approximately 1 in 5 children in the greater Cincinnati area are living in poverty. When students have the necessary tools, 78% have an increased interest in learning, 92% have increased class preparedness, and 82% have increased class participation.

Crayons to Computers is a non-profit free school supply store for teachers who work at schools in the 15-county area of greater Cincinnati. Founded in 1997, the organization operates a 41,000-square-foot retail store and warehouse where teachers can “shop” for stationery, educational tools and incentive items at no charge.