New Protocol in Edmonton Facility Improves Safety

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Industrial Solutions, Reconditioning, Safety

The reconditioning facility in Edmonton, Canada has implemented a new protocol to improve the safety of employees and visitors.

Prior to the implementation of the new protocol, drivers making deliveries to the facility would enter the facility and walk around un-supervised in areas with heavy forklift traffic. Following an employee reporting the potential hazard, a safety protocol requiring drivers to wait at the door for an employee escort has been implemented. Signs posted at the door now provide escort instructions to drivers. Thus far, the facility is reporting that 98% of drivers are complying with the new protocol.

This new practice protects both drivers and employees from accidents and allows forklift drivers to work more efficiently with less foot traffic. Safety is the responsibility of everyone. The actions taken by employees in Edmonton are an example of how facility safety can be improved when hazards are reported and corrective action is taken.

Remember; if you see something, say something. Safety at Mauser Packaging Solutions depends on everyone.