National Safety Month: Week Four – Impairment

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Safety

Safety is a top priority at Mauser Packaging Solutions. During the month of June, the US recognizes National Safety Month by calling attention to workplace safety. At Mauser, we will continue to place a strong emphasis on redefining safety during the month of June while recognizing the ongoing efforts our facilities are taking to ensure employee safety in the workplace.


Substance abuse in the workplace has a direct cost to employers and creates an unsafe work environment. Employee substance abuse leads to absenteeism, decreased productivity, and safety incidents.

Mauser Packaging Solutions enforces a drug and alcohol free workplace policy however impairment can be caused by factors other than drug and alcohol use. Side effects from proper use of prescription or over the counter drugs can also cause impairment.  Fatigue and emotional impairment also carry serious risks to workplace safety.

Employees should be aware of the signs of impairment and be willing to report when they or a co-worker show signs of impairment:

  • Personality changes or erratic behavior.
  • Overt signs appearance of drug or alcohol impairment (slurred speech, odor of alcohol of drugs, poor coordination).
  • Consistent lateness, absenteeism, reduced productivity or quality of work.

Reporting an impaired employee in the workplace protects those around us from becoming involved in a safety incident and allows steps to be taken to provide help as needed.

Impairment Tip Sheet