Welcome to MauserNow

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Welcome to MauserNOW our new global communication platform connecting our people with company news and information anytime, anywhere.

MauserNOW is accessible both internally and externally making it easy to keep up with everything going on in the Mauser Packaging Solutions world. From strategy news around the business to feature stories about Mauser and its people, you can find it here!


What is MauserNow?
MauserNow is the new communications hub for employees. It serves as a central source for all Mauser news and stories regardless of employee type or business unit.

Who can access MauserNow?
All employees have access to MauserNow. This includes employees of Mauser Packaging Solutions joint venture companies. MauserNow is an external webpage, therefore employees do not need company network access to visit MauserNow.

How is MauserNow Accessed?
MauserNow is accessible from any personal or company mobile device or computer. To access the platform, you must have the URL or the MauserNOW QR code.

What is available on MauserNow?
MauserNow will primarily contain articles and information in two categories:

  • Mauser News - Critical Success Factor and overall business information articles
  • Our Stories – Feature pieces highlighting specific facilities, employees, or events

In what languages is MauserNow be available?
MauserNow is only available in English.

How does MauserNow differ from the existing intranets?
MauserNow is not replacing existing intranets. It will support internal communication efforts by providing a central source for all news and stories. Existing intranets will continue to be utilized by business units for internal collaboration and file sharing.

Am I required to use MauserNOW?
Use of MauserNow use will not be mandated by leadership. Any communication requiring action will be communicated directly with employees using traditional communication methods (company intranet, company email, employee meetings, employee mailings, etc.).

How can I contribute story ideas for MauserNow?
Email global.communications@mauserpackaging.com to submit ideas for an article or to comment on MauserNow.