Mauser Packaging Solutions Extends its Employee Communications with the Launch of MauserNOW

Michelle MachenMauser News

Increasing employee communication across business units is a key part of our sustainability initiative focused on our people, our customers, and our continued success. As one of the world’s leading industrial packaging manufacturers, it is our responsibility to deliver internal communications to all levels of the organization regardless of network accessibility and job function.

As we continually look for ways to enhance our internal brand, we are stepping up a gear with the introduction of our new global internal communications hub, MauserNOW on Monday, June 17.


Mauser Packaging Solutions Communication Manager, Kimberly Braam said, “With the introduction of MauserNOW, which concentrates on communicating Mauser news and stories in an editorial-style format, users get a real insight into what is going on in the company, regardless of access to company email or traditional intranet platforms.”

“The new platform provides clear messaging around who we are and what we stand for. Boasting a clean design and consistent navigation system, users can filter by business unit to receive information that is most relevant to him/her. The platform is also fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices-anytime, anywhere.”

While the legacy intranets [Mauser Group and BWAY] are already filled with news, information, details, and guidance for employees, we wanted to extend our employee communications to a common platform accessible by all. This includes our Reconditioning employees without access to legacy intranet, production employees, joint venture employees, customers, perspective employees, tradeshow attendees and more.

For employees with access to legacy Intranets, MauserNow is not replacing how company news is currently communicated on those platforms. Only after the completion of the Microsoft Office 365 migration will legacy intranets be restructured. In the future, restructured intranets will be representative of our business unit and functional structures allowing for collaboration and document sharing across the global company.

In addition to MauserNOW being used as a global communication tool, our global IT department is migrating all business unit emails to the Microsoft Office 365 system. This migration will further help people connect and communicate on a shared platform with visibility to calendars, contact lists, and shared mailboxes. The target completion is Q3 2019.

What’s next on our ‘one’ company communication journey? Microsoft Teams will be deployed in late Q4 2019 to promote collaboration across the company. With the introduction of Microsoft Teams, employees will be able to communicate easier and in new ways as it combines email, group chat, video, and file sharing on one secure cloud platform.

As Ken Roessler said in June 2018 when we launched our Mauser Packaging Solutions brand internally, “this is a journey”. Thank you for continued support of our communication and IT journey.