Automation Engineering Team Supports Small Packaging

Michelle MachenMauser News, Small Packaging

Automation is broader than the implementation of new machines or equipment. Automation also includes investing in existing machines to perform for a longer period, more efficiently, and with greater focus on safety measures.

At the LaGrange, Georgia Small Packaging Plastics facility, the Automation Engineering group provides an internal solution for full rebuilds, intensive repairs, and production challenges. The benefits of rebuilding existing machines in-house include:

  • Improved safety
    All machines used in Mauser facilities meet OSHA safety requirements but sometimes meeting the standard is not enough to ensure optimal protection. When rebuilding machines, safety mechanisms can be upgraded to be less cumbersome and more effective for operators and maintenance technicians.
  • Reduced expense
    Rebuilding machines extends the life of equipment for a fraction of the cost to purchase a new machine.
  • Shorter lead time
    In many cases, it takes a manufacturer 20 weeks or longer to deliver a new machine. The Automation Engineering team is able to rebuild most machines in two to four months, which is approximately one month quicker than waiting for a new machine to be built, delivered and installed.
  • Customized and standardized machines
    Rebuilt machines can be redesigned to meet the demands of producing Mauser products. By using same or similar parts and programming across the Company, maintenance teams can collaborate with other facilities on troubleshooting, availability of spare parts and manpower.
  • Correcting errors or deficiencies in original design
    There are often known deficiencies in the original manufacturer programming or set up. During a rebuild, new programing can be implemented that will improve efficiency, reduce scrap and streamline operator duties.

Continuing to improve the longevity, efficiency, and safety of existing machines is a common sense method of investing in automation.