Automation: Investing in Improving Operations

Kimberly BraamMauser News

Automation is a characteristic of modern manufacturing that improves production and increases employee safety. Manufacturing operations that utilize automation typically see improved productivity, efficiency and safety measures.

The primary benefits of automation include:

  • SafetyAutomation can be used to perform tasks that are potentially dangerous to people. The use of automation for repetitive or labor-intensive tasks prevents workplace injuries. Even when performed correctly with proper safety precautions, some task inevitably cause damage to the human body.
  • SpeedAutomation allows for processes to be performed more quickly, which increases overall output of product. Producing products faster means more units can be provided to more customers.
  • RepeatabilityAutomated machines perform the same action, the same way, every time, which produces consistent results. By eliminating the potential for human error during production, overall quality is increased.

Automation includes a wide variety of ways machines are used to perform tasks and includes everything from using a conveyer to move a product to robots utilizing artificial intelligence to perform complex functions. At Mauser, automation is primarily used to move product via conveyer belts or to perform simple repetitive tasks. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight automation investments being made across Mauser Packaging Solutions. ​