Building a stronger team: Using innovative methods to recruit technical talent

Michelle MachenMauser News, Billion Dollar Plan

In a move that illustrates out-of-the-box thinking to address current hiring challenges, Mauser Packaging Solutions is working with several certified universities in Mexico to recruit qualified talent and bolster our in-plant maintenance and technical expertise.

Provisions under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) allow Mauser Packaging Solutions to hire professionals from Mexico and relocate them to the U.S. This recruiting tactic was adopted in the fall of 2021 to meet urgent hiring needs and is a strategic piece of Mauser’s Billion Dollar Plan to make certain facilities are equipped with the right people, in the right roles, to be successful.

Through the TN Visa Program, potential candidates are recruited from Mexico and are supported by Mauser Packaging Solutions through an extensive visa and relocation process.

“Our candidates are excited about the opportunity to advance their skills and work for our company. They are putting a lot of trust in us to assist them through this process,” says Julie Fiszer, Director of Talent Management.

"This program provides another avenue for us to fill open positions and really benefits all involved."
Julie Fiszer, Director of Talent Management

Candidates who receive offers as part of this program benefit from the unique opportunity to learn and work in the U.S. New hires also bring a global perspective to our U.S. facilities that enriches our company culture and makes Mauser Packaging Solutions a better, more innovative, place to work.

When we fill these critical positions using unconventional methods, we ease the labor strain at our facilities and deepen the pool of technical talent within the organization. More skilled maintenance personnel means equipment can be properly maintained and repaired resulting in more uptime which directly impacts productivity. Also, by employing additional mechanics and engineers, workplace safety is improved by having qualified individuals available to address equipment problems and implement safety upgrades.

Since launching the TN Visa program, the company has added 19 maintenance mechanics and engineers across several participating facilities in North America.

“Maintenance professionals are critical to our operations, but historically these positions are challenging to fill. We searched for candidates in the U.S., but with the current labor shortage they simply weren’t there,” says Fiszer. “This program provides another avenue for us to fill open positions and really benefits all involved. Our company benefits from an infusion of degreed talent who come in the door with maintenance skills they need to hit the ground running. And the new hires benefit through the opportunity to relocate and advance their careers in the US. We’ve received very positive feedback from plant managers and the business.”