COVID-19 Leader Resources

This page contains information and resources specifically for Mauser Packaging Solutions' leaders. Leaders should also familiarize themselves with the resources on the COVID-19 Employee Resources page.

COVID-19 De-Escalation and Workplace Control Plans

Vaccination Resources

COVID-19 vaccination is an important next step in protecting the health and safety of employees and our communities during this pandemic. Use the resources below to educate and encourage employees to receive the vaccine once they are eligible.

Talking Points

Use these talking points to lead a discussion with employees on the importance of vaccination. 

North American 
Vaccination Signage

The following signage resources are available for office and facility posting. Signage should be posted in visible locations such as communication boards, break rooms or high traffic areas.

U.S. Veteran Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Travel Policy

This policy allows for travel necessary for the efficient management of the business while ensuring employee safety when travelling and upon returning to your base office, as well as ensuring the safety of all other employees, suppliers and customers in contact with the traveler during or after the travel. This policy is applicable as long as the COVID disease is designated by CDC as pandemic or epidemic (not endemic or outbreak).

Travel Policy (Updated 5/4/2021)

Facility Signage

Facilities and office buildings are encouraged to post provided corporate COVID-19 signage in and around the facility.

Mask Information
Face Mask Required
Face Mask Required - Visitors
Choose masks that...
Safely Wear and Remove Your Mask
Wear a Mask to Protect Youself and Others
Social Distancing
General Social Distancing
Social Distancing Guidelines
Self Assessment Reminders
Self-Assessment and Temperature Check Reminder (updated 6/29/2021)
Do Not Work When Feeling Sick
See Something, Say Something
Choosing Safer Activities
Know Your Risk
Symptoms and Prevention
Wash Your Hands
maximum Capacity for Offices and Conference Rooms

Required on all offices and conference rooms 
Required Size - 8.5" x 11"

maximum Capacity for Breakrooms and Tables

Required in all breakrooms and on all tables. 
Required Size - 8.5" x 11"