COVID-19 Employee Resources

This page contains the latest Mauser Packaging Solutions employee communications, information, and guidelines for coronavirus (COVID-19). Please check this page as well as or for the latest information.

As a world leader in industrial packaging, we are an essential link in the global supply chain for products used to fight the spread of the COVID-19 and to maintain essential services and infrastructure during this time. We are proud to be a part of this fight. Our operations are critical to support business continuity, health and safety in many countries, and the global economy.

We supply vital and necessary products that other essential businesses rely on to operate and produce goods. Essential businesses that manufacture cleaning and sanitizing products, agricultural operations that utilize pesticides, and water treatment facilities, food service, construction, energy products, cannot continue without Mauser Packaging Solutions’ sustained operations.

We support and supply other essential businesses by:

  • Linking the producers of raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients to pharmaceutical producers who develop and manufacture lifesaving medications.
  • Offering medical containers to hospitals, laboratories and health centers.
  • Helping the agriculture sector deliver more yield safely and sustainably by providing reliable storage and transport options for fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
  • Providing durable, reliable packaging and handling containers for transporting food and other raw materials.

From aerosol cans, tight head containers, drums, IBCs, medical waste containers and the collection of hazardous waste; our products, services, and most importantly you, are critical for COVID-19 defense.

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Travel Policy

This policy allows for travel necessary for the efficient management of the business while ensuring employee safety when travelling and upon returning to your base office, as well as ensuring the safety of all other employees, suppliers and customers in contact with the traveler during or after the travel. This policy is applicable as long as the COVID disease is designated by CDC as pandemic or epidemic (not endemic or outbreak).

Updated 6/30/2022

COVID-19 Travel Policy

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