Partnering with Suppliers Who Share Our Values

Michelle Machen Mauser News

Mauser Packaging Solutions’ commitment to sustainability includes working with suppliers who share a common interest in creating sustainable packaging. Many Mauser plastic suppliers demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through participation in Operation Clean Sweep (OCS).

Operation Clean Sweep is a Plastics Industry Association campaign put into action to “help every plastic resin handling operation implement good housekeeping and containment practices to work toward achieving zero pellet, flake, and powder loss, protecting the environment and saving valuable resources.” Companies taking the OCS Pledge are committed to taking proactive steps to reduce litter created from plastic pellets, flakes and powder.

While we expect our suppliers to support our mission to create sustainable packaging by providing us with raw materials in an environmentally friendly manner, we must also support our suppliers’ sustainability commitments by being good stewards of materials.

Recently, Mauser suppliers have reported empty railcars begin returned uncapped. Transporting uncapped empty railcars carries the risk of releasing plastic pellets and pellet residue into the environment. All Mauser facilities should have a procedure in place to address the recapping of empty railcars and that employees are following this procedure.

While not all Mauser facilities work with plastic material, all facilities work with raw materials that could cause harm to the environment if not handled in a responsible manner. Mauser is proud to partner with suppliers that support our commitment to sustainability, and we continue to seek out ways to be better stewards of the raw materials used in our products.

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